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MUSIC TO HEAR – Sheffield Chorale

A highly experienced and competent choir with a programme of songs that choirs like to sing under the talented conductor Neil Taylor, who also happens to be organist and director of music at Sheffield Cathedral. There is no doubting the quality of this ensemble. Their thoughtful, unaccompanied performance of Pearsall’s Lay a Garland absolutely confirmed this.
But what really made this recital so special was the choir’s evident enjoyment in making music and their overt assurance in their ability , not just to sing the pieces but to interpret them in a meaningful way. I addition programming for this sort of concert requires considerable care to avoid a succession of similar works. The Sheffield Chorale’s programme was full of contrast and maintained the audience’s interest completely. While the choir had a break the conductor’s daughter, Ella, the BBC Chorister of the year no less, revealed a powerful voice in some solos of which Wolf’s Verborgenheit was memorable.
A perfect concert for a summer afternoon, this is the first visit of this group to the Fringe. Let us hope it is the first of many.
Peter Low

What else the critics have said about us:

Some of the finest choral singing you are ever likely to hear….. “

Sheffield Telegraph

The quality of the Chorale was a delight to the ear, whilst their diction was a   perfection that many choruses could dream about”.

Yorkshire Post
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